Frequently Asked Questions

How does work?

  • Register and become a member in our library.
  • As a member we create a customized profile based on your children's interests.
  • You can choose from our library as well as based on our in-house recommendation we will send children’s books to your home
  • Enjoy the books with your Children as long as you wish
  • Once you finished reading you can return and get new set of books

How do I become member and lend books?

  • Choose a plan which suits your children’s age & interests
  • Fill in a very short questionnaire (Just 5 questions)
  • Browse through our catalogue and add some books to your wish list
  • You will receive first-set-of books shortly from us after a quick confirmation

How many books do I receive?

The number of books you receive depends on your plan as well as also on the various factors like Cost of the book, Size of the book and so on. Please refer the plans for more information.

How long can I keep the books?

You can keep the books as long as you want. There are no late charges and no per book fees as long as your membership is valid.

What if I need additional shipments?

We have optimized our plans recently based on reading habits and time available for Children. However if your child wants to read more books. They are always welcome :-) Each additional shipment of books costs Rs.50 irrespective of plan.

What forms of payment you accept?

We accept all kinds of payments. You can pay using Net Banking, Credit Card, Debit Card or Cash Cards. You can also do NEFT transfer to our account.

What if some books are torn or damaged?

:-( Ok it can happen. Please help the children understand the importance of keeping the books tidy. We take lots of effort in collecting good books from various publishers in UK, Canada, USA and India, our books are mostly based on recommendation from another parent like you. So a replacement is very difficult and expensive. If the book is completely damaged or lost then we will charge you a 100% replacement cost. Other libraries charge 125% to 150% for replacement. If the book is partially damaged then will assess the damage and get back to you.

What if the books were damaged when I receive it?

We take utmost care before sending the books to you and assess whether the books can be lent. But if you notice the books you received were not in order, then please write to us at torn books and we will quickly arrange to replace it free-of-cost.

Which cities can I avail the service?

Service available in Bengaluru, Chennai & Coimbatore.  We have also started trial runs to Erode and Tirupur and has an additional surcharge. If you need books at other locations contact us.

What if I don’t find all my children’s favorite authors / publishers?

We constantly add new titles to our library. Please send a mail to

We are a Creche, Childcare, Playschool or you have a program for us?

At the moment the service is geared towards individual families. Please contact us to custom create a plan for you.

If you still have some questions unanswered please drop us a mail and we will respond shortly.